Influencer Fast Start

Influencer Fast Start

Earn right from the start!

Earn right from the start!

If you’re a new Active Influencer, you have the chance to earn up to $1,000 in Fast Start bonuses by accumulating Lifetime Sales Volume during your Fast Start Period, which spans the week you enroll plus the following 16 weeks.

Fast Start bonuses are paid out weekly. Each bonus has a specific time period in which it is available, determined by the number of weeks from your enrollment. You have the potential to earn multiple bonuses simultaneously, and if you miss out on one, you can still earn the other available bonuses by achieving the associated LSV within the specified timeframe.

Additionally, as you enroll other Influencers and teach them how to share our products and earn their own Fast Start bonuses, you can earn Fast Start Enroller bonuses. To qualify, you need to be Active by the end of the week in which the bonus was achieved. The amount of the Enroller bonus you receive will depend on whether you enrolled the Influencer during your own Fast Start Period or after it. You do not have to earn your own Fast Start bonuses in order to qualify for the Fast Start Enroller bonuses.


within Fast Start


outside Fast Start

1ST 4 FULL WEEKS 1,000 $100 $100 $50
1ST 8 FULL WEEKS 3,000 $200 $200 $100
1ST 12 FULL WEEKS 5,000 $200 $200 $100
1ST 16 FULL WEEKS 10,000 $500 $500 $250

Fast Start Period
Your Fast Start Period is your first 16 full weeks, which includes your enrollment week, plus the following 16 weeks.

Fast Start Bonus Time Period
Your first Fast Start Bonus is available for your first four full weeks (enrollment week, plus the following 4 weeks). The second bonus is available during your first eight full weeks, and so on.

Example A

As a new Influencer, you have the week of your enrollment and the following 4 weeks to earn the 1st Fast Start Bonus.

During your enrollment week, your sales reach a Lifetime Sales Volume (LSV) of 400. By the end of your 1st full week, you accumulate an additional 850 LSV to for a total LSV of 1,250. You will earn a $100 Fast Start Bonus.

Two weeks later, at the end of your 3rd full week, you have sold an additional 1,850 LSV. Your total LSV will be 3,100, earning you a $200 Fast Start Bonus.

After an additional 6 weeks, you have achieved 5,200 LSV and earn another $200 Fast Start Bonus.

At the end of your first 9 full weeks, you have earned $500 in Influencer Fast Start Bonuses, and have an additional 7 weeks to earn the final $500 Fast Start Bonus.

Fast Start Example A Graphic
Example B

In this example, you have enrolled a new Influencer, Pat, during your Fast Start Period. At the end of Pat’s first full 4 weeks as an Influencer, they have accumulated 500 Lifetime Sales Volume. Unfortunately, they do not earn the 1st Influencer Fast Start Bonus.

At the end of Pat’s 7th full week, they reach 3,000 Lifetime Sales Volume and earn a $200 bonus. As their Enroller, you earn a matching bonus of $200 because you are Active.

If you had enrolled Pat after your Fast Start Period had ended, you would earn a 50% matching bonus — in this case $100.

Fast Start Example B Graphic