Launch Bonus Pool

Launch Bonus Pool

An exciting limited-time bonus for early enrolled Influencers.

An exciting limited-time bonus for early enrolled Influencers.

As an Influencer who enrolls through December 31, 2024, you have a tremendous opportunity to participate in the Launch Bonus Pool which pays 2% of the total company Commissionable Volume* for each 4-week period through December 31, 2025.

To qualify for this pool, you need to accumulate 50,000 in Bonus Pool Volume (BPV) — which is the Sales Volume from your first 52 full weeks from enrollment, have an Annual Sales Volume of at least 10,000 and be Active on the last day of the 4-week period.

The Launch Bonus you earn will be based on your Organizational Volume (OV) and the calculated point value for that period.

Your Launch Bonus is calculated in two steps:

Step 1: To determine the monthly Launch Bonus point value, we take 2% of the total company Commissionable Volume and divide it by the total Organizational Volume contributed by all participants in the pool for the given period.

Step 2: Next, we multiply the Launch Bonus point value by your Organizational Volume for the same period. This sum gives you your Launch Bonus.

No individual may earn more than 10% of the Launch Bonus Pool within the period.

*Excludes CV from all Trainer License Renewals.

Annual Sales Volume
Your total Sales Volume (SV) from the current 4-week period and previous 12 4-week periods (rolling 13 4-week periods).

Organizational Volume
The total Qualifying Volume from your enrolled Customers and Influencers and all the Customers and Influencers below them, regardless of title, accumulated in the 4-week period. Your personal purchases are not included.

Launch Bonus Example Graphic